FBN’s Spring Share-a-thon will continue tomorrow at 7 AM! Please tune in and tell a friend. Thank you for your prayers and love gifts!



The FBN Spring Share-a-thon is one of the two yearly share-a-thons that FBN holds. The Fundamental Broadcasting Network has zero advertising and relies on its listeners for support. Will you help us? Please pray for FBN and tell others how to tune in.

Listen live at fbnradio.com!

Download our apps on your Android and Apple devices (search “FBN Radio” in your App Store).

Call 605-781-9840 to be connected to a live feed of FBN’s family-friendly, Christian broadcast.

Listen on the radio via an affiliate station. Click here to find an affiliate station near you.

To call in to the share-a-thon, dial 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685.


Please remember to pray for FBN during this spring share-a-thon.

If you would like to call in, dial 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685. Thank you for your prayers and support!


You can download our FREE apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. We have two separate apps with different features. Just search “fbn radio” in the search bar.

How to listen to FBN:

  1. App (as mentioned above)
  2. Affiliate radio station
  3. Dial up number – 605-781-9840 (this works on any phone, even non-smartphones)
  4. Stream the broadcast online at fbnradio.com

If you would like to call in to FBN’s Spring Share-a-thon with a prayer request or a promise, call 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685.


Visit fbnradio.com to tune in online!

252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685


There are many ways to tune in to FBN. You can listen on a local affiliate station, on fbnradio.com, with our Android and Apple apps (search FBN Radio in your app store), and with the dial-up number on any phone, 605-781-9840.

To call in to the FBN Spring Share-a-thon, call 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685. You can also e-mail your promise to fbn@fbnradio.com. Thank you for support and your prayers!


Tune in to the FBN Spring Share-a-thon! You can call in at 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685. Please keep FBN in your prayers during this share-a-thon.

To God Be the Glory

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. The Lord allowed us to reach our goal between 10-11 AM on Saturday. After reaching the goal, the share-a-thon raised $20,817. At $8.00 per Bible, 2,602 Bibles were raised for the people of Myanmar. To God be the glory!

Bibles for Myanmar

FBN is raising money to purchase Bibles for the people of Myanmar. If you’d like to be a part of it, call 252-223-4600 or 1-800-245-9685.

Listen live at fbnradio.com.

Now that the FBN goal has been met, any funds that come in will be used to purchase Bibles for Myanmar.